Aha! Hack: Olive Oil Container as Laundry Detergent Dispenser

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In a closet-size laundry room designed by New York–based architect Solveig Fernlund, we instituted a system for better-looking liquid laundry detergent storage—using an olive oil container. Here’s a look at the Italian fusti turned detergent dispenser.

Photography by Matthew Williams; styling by Alexa Hotz for Remodelista: The Organized Home.
Above: Laundry essentials are stored next to the Miele washer-dryer. Above: The detergent setup includes a Sansone 5 Liter Stainless Steel Fusti ($129.95 on Amazon) and a Reiss Enamel Measuring Jug hanging from an S-hook and leather string. Above: The fusti, designed for olive oil, works best with detergent that isn’t too viscous; dilute the detergent just a little at a time until you achieve the right consistency. Above: If you plan to attach the measuring cup to the fusti with string as shown, make sure the setup is within reach of the washer. Above: A five-liter fusti should work for most, but larger households may consider going up a size to 10 or 15 liters. For those larger sizes, Sansone sells a Stainless Steel Stand ($55 on Amazon) to elevate it and make room for storage underneath.
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