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Wooden hangers are a beautifully solid alternative to wire hangers. Wire hangers can bend and warp when you hang heavy clothes on them, but wooden hangers don’t. That’s not to say they are perfect, though. Not all wooden hangers feature the right materials or are strong enough for some garments. Some are also not finished well so can cause splinters.

Take the time to review your options and see if any of these hangers below suit your needs. You may find that hunting for the perfect set is harder than you think, because you need to strike a healthy balance between quality and value. Happy hanger shopping!

1. AmazonBasics Wood Suit Hangers

Clothing can cost a fortune, so the last thing you’ll often want to do is spend an exorbitant amount of money on wooden hangers to hold them. Fortunately, thanks to AmazonBasics, you don’t have to.

These wooden hangers come in packs of 16 or 30 and have a highly competitive unit rate. You would think, given the affordability, that they would not be suitable for much, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, either. They are on-par with several other wooden hanger brands.

They feature solid wood with a high-quality finish and chrome swivel hook, and even have precision notches. These notches stop your singlets and thin straps from falling off the ends. They also have a one-year warranty should they have any faults or are not suitable for their use.

They don’t bend like wire, are a lovely color, and are light so as to not put pressure on your clothing rack. While you wouldn’t use them with wet clothing due to the moisture ruining the wood, and some have a rough finish and snag clothing, they are still a valid purchase. You are likely to enjoy the affordability and quality.


16 or 30-pack options
Solid wood construction
Chrome swivel hook
Precision notches
One-year warranty
Natural wood color scheme


You can buy them in bulk amounts
They don’t bend like metal
The end notches stop clothing straps from slipping off
Affordable unit rate
Lovely color
High-quality wood
Striking chrome finish on the hook
You get a warranty with them
Lightweight wood


The wood can snag clothing
If you hang wet clothing on it, the moisture soaks through the wood

2. Whitmor Shirt Hangers

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If you don’t mind filing down rough edges, or spending more on wooden hangers when you know the material quality is decent, then check out these from Whitmor. As a set of five, they will be ideal for your new outfit, all the while ensuring it doesn’t come to harm.

They consist of grade A solid wood that doesn’t succumb to wear and tear, and all of them also have a chromed swivel hook. The quality of this hook ensures that even the heaviest garments will not affect how this wooden hanger holds itself.

What’s more, they have a beautiful lacquered finish to keep clothing snags to a minimum, and also feature notches in each end. These routered edges stop singlets and shoestring tops from slipping off the end.

The price tag can put a lot of people off – particularly those who need to buy several for their wardrobe or a craft project. However, all in all, you get what you pay for – value and quality.


Set of five
Grade A solid wood construction
Chromed swivel hooks
Lacquer finish
Routered notches


Your clothing doesn’t snag on them
They are smooth
They feature high-quality wood
Even short sleeves don’t slip off them
There are notches to keep straps in place
The chrome is solid
They can handle heavy clothing
You can use them for engraving


They have an expensive unit rate
They have a few rough edges

3. Topia Hanger Wood Coat Hangers

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If standard wooden hangers don’t fit in with the theme of your home or business, then maybe these ones from Topia Hanger might. As a wooden hanger set of 18 that sits out in a league of its own, you’re bound to be impressed by the offerings.

Each wooden hanger is hand-crafted, with care and attention paid to sanding into every nook and cranny. Even the larger-than-average 0.50-inch cut notches are smooth and friendly to your strappy singlets.

The high-quality Schima wood has a lovely retro gloss finish, and there is also a non-slip and rounded bar to stop pants and skirts underneath your shirt from getting any creases.

Topia Hanger has even put thought into how user-friendly their wooden hangers are. The black hook on the top swivels right around so you don’t have to reposition your clothing to have it facing the right way.

The icing on the cake is the affordable price tag that will see you wanting to buy more than one set. Take a look at these hangers and see if they are right for you.


Schima wood construction
Retro finish
Gloss layer
0.50-inch cut notches
360-degree black hook
Non-slip rubber bar
Rounded bar
Set of 18


The rounded bar reduces creases
Ideal hangers for in retail
Exquisite detailing
Lovely finish
Affordable unit rate
You can buy them in bulk
They arrive in a gift box
They don’t snag on your clothing
Unique style compared to others
The hook swivels so it will always face the way you want it to


Toxic smell
Not all of them are finished well
Not as heavy duty as they need to be

4. JS Hangers Wooden Suit Hangers

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If the quality and style of your wooden hangers matter more than the price, then there’s every reason to look into these ones from JS Hangers. There’s no denying they have an exorbitant price tag given how many you get in a pack, but you can enjoy knowing they are well made and will last the distance.

You can choose from a natural or walnut finish – depending on the style of your racks or wardrobe, then enjoy the chrome-plated swivel hook that sits on the top. Because there is 360 degrees of swivel, you can place the hanger facing any way and still have your hooks running in the same direction.

Equally as impressive is the finish of the product. They are smooth to avoid any snagging on your clothing and has thick wood to add volume to your clothing. You can also enjoy the non-slip bars that stop wrinkles in your pants and skirts.

The only letdown, aside from the additional cost, is the durability. Some customers say they do not last as long as previous wooden hangers they have had in the past.


Natural or walnut finish
Smooth finish
Chrome-plated swivel hook
360-degree swivel hook
Non-slip bar
Wide shoulder style


Lovely style
Smooth finish, so it won’t snag your clothing
Thick wood
The hook swivels so your clothes will stay the same way
You can choose a color to suit
The non-slip bar stops wrinkles


Expensive unit rate
Not as durable as they look

5. Tosnail Wooden Pant Hanger

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If you want wooden hangers you can use for shirts, pants, skirts, coats, and any item of clothing, then check out the selection from Tosnail. This manufacturer’s wooden hangers are explicitly designed for use with an array of garments – not just a select few. Such a wooden hanger is a rarity on the market.

You can buy them in a reasonably-priced pack of ten – all of which come with steel hooks, and all hangers have natural wood. These wooden hangers also come with cut notches and adjustable steel clips with a soft felt lining. You can use them for hanging pants and other garments too.

There is very few bad things to say about these wooden hangers, for they meet the mark in many ways. They are reliable, durable, and sturdily constructed so you can feel confident every time you use them. If there’s anything negative to say about them, it involves the clips. They are not all that durable and have sharp edges. Aside from that, they are everything you could need in wooden hangers and more.  


Steel hooks
Natural wood construction
Anti-rusting hook
360-degree swivel
Cut notches
Soft felt lining
Adjustable clips


Affordable to buy
You can clip clothing on them safely
Ideal for all types of garments
The hook swivels around so you can face them the same way in your closet
They are suitable for heavy clothing
The felt lining is gentle on your clothing
Lovely style wood
The clips won’t rust


The clip edging is sharp
The clip quality is not that good

6. Zober Wooden Pants Hangers with Clips

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The style, price tag, and functionality for pants and shorts of these wooden hangers will impress, especially if you’re in the market for a wooden hanger with a difference.

You can buy them in three different wood finishes of vintage, natural, and cherry – all of which have felt-lined wood bars and a non-slip, full-width grip. They don’t splinter, have a beautiful lacquer finish, and complete the look with a rust-resistant stainless-steel swivel hook at the top. They also come in a ten pack which offers great value.

If there’s anything not to like about them though, it’s the clip mechanism. There is a wood clip to keep your pants firmly in place, but it’s not suitable for all pant types. If they are slippery or too heavy, it does not have a firm enough grip. The plastic components also don’t last the distance.

For the most part, these wooden hangers are perfect for the job, but if you have pants that fit into the description above, you may like to look at a different option.


Natural, cherry, or vintage wood finish
Felt-lined wood bars
Full width grip
Clip mechanism
Pant hanger style
Clear lacquer
Stainless-steel swivel hook


Ideal for pants, shorts, and more
The felt on the bars keep the pants in place
You can choose from three colors
Reasonable price tag
The wood bar is a clip mechanism
The hooks swivel around 360 degrees
The steel doesn’t rust


They don’t clamp onto garments tight enough
Not suitable for slippery fabric
The plastic parts break

7. Zober Wide Shoulder Wooden Hangers

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If you’re tired of inferior quality wooden hangers taking up room in your dresser and not serving a purpose, then it’s time to upgrade to quality ones from Zober. There’s no denying the price tag for these is high, but you won’t mind paying more when you see them in person.

These beautiful wooden hangers are a design statement on their own. They will look striking in any wardrobe – even if they take up a lot of room – and they will suit a retail environment beautifully too.

You can buy them in a six pack, choosing from a natural, cherry, or vintage finish. All are sanded smooth and have a lovely lacquer on the lotus wood to complete the look. Even the hook is something special. It’s a zinc-plated hook with a grooved, non-slip rubber tube to keep pants in place. It also has screw reinforcing on the cross bar so it can handle the weight of full suits and pants.

These wooden hangers are going to suit larger, heavier men’s garments more so than a women’s gown, but in any case, they are worth adding to your shopping cart. Their quality far surpasses many other options on the market.


Three options – vintage, cherry, or natural finish
Wide shoulder design
Screw-reinforced cross bar
Zinc-plated hook
360-degree swivel hook
Lotus wood construction
Grooved non-slip rubber tube
Five-year warranty
Lacquer finish
Inward curved styling


Ideal for retail
Robust and heavy-duty
The hook is solid and swivels
The hook won’t rust
Premium quality wood
Amazing finish
Unique style
Your clothing doesn’t slip off


They take up a lot of room in a wardrobe
More suitable for men’s clothing than women’s

8. House Day Natural Wood Hangers with Clips

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Aside from not being as long as standard wooden coat hangers, you are still going to be impressed by what these ones have to offer. If you are all about getting value for money, here’s where these wooden hangers are in their element.

You get 25 in a set to ensure your entire closet is uniform, and all of them are exceptionally well made. They have adjustable, sliding clips that sit on your pants without marking them, and the lacquer coating ensures the wooden hangers are as attractive as your clothing.

They are 14 inches long, have a polished-steel swivel hook, and they last a long time – even with daily use. The most standout point is, of course, the price point. It’s rare to find this many coat hangers for such a low price tag. If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, check out these wooden hangers from House Day.


Wood construction
Adjustable and sliding clips
Lacquer coating
Polished steel swivel hook
360-degree swivel
14 inches long


Affordable unit rate
Suitable for pants, skirts, and more
Tidy finish in lacquer
Generous length
Better quality than you would expect for the price
Strong and long-lasting
The hooks swivel for convenience
The clips can hang your pants effortlessly


Not as long as regular coat hangers
9. Quality Hangers Wooden Hangers with Locking Bar Gold Hooks

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If you are in retail or pride yourself on having a well-presented closet, then set your sights on these wooden hangers from Quality Hangers. They are the epitome of high-quality, even if you have to spend far more than you usually would to buy them.

You can choose to buy five, ten, 20, or 25 in a set, then revel in the curved style that ensures all clothing sits on them perfectly. They even take care of pants – all thanks to the non-slip bar underneath the main wooden hanger component.

If you have shoestring singlets, then these coat hangers take care of them too. Each one has a notch in them to slip the straps into effortlessly. They are also sanded and lacquered beautifully so you can say goodbye to snags for good.

The icing on the cake is the gold swivel hook which contrasts beautifully against the dark walnut stained wood. You are going to look the picture of elegance when you buy these hangers for your retail store or closet.


5, 10, 20, or 25-set options
Curved style
Includes shoulder growth
Solid wood
Walnut finish
Shoulder notches for thin straps
Non-slip bar coat hanger
Gold swiveling hook


Striking contrast of colors
The hook lets you have all your clothes facing the right way effortlessly
Quality wood finish
No snags or rough patches
The lacquer finish is exceptional
The golden hooks are a nice touch
The bar for pants is strong
Doesn’t cause clothing to wrinkle


Expensive to buy
10. JS Hangers Wooden Clothes Hangers

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The next time you go shopping online for wooden hangers, don’t look past these for your everyday garments. Sold by JS Hangers, they are wonderful hangers that will suit the majority of your clothing well.

They don’t take up much room, come in an affordable pack of ten, and you can pick from retro or natural as a finish. They also have a swivel hook with chrome plating for that extra touch of class. The contemporary styling of these wooden hangers will be the cherry on the top, offering you an alternative to that more classic style.

While you may not like to use them for heavy garments, they suit everyday attire beautifully.


Natural or retro finish
Wooden construction
Chrome-plated swivel hook
Non-slip rubber strip


They don’t take up much room
The hook swivels
They are strong and don’t sag
Affordable unit rate
Contemporary styling
Unique compared to others


No bar for pants
Not suitable for heavy garments

Considerations for Purchasing Wooden Hangers

Before you buy a bulk lot of wooden hangers then immediately regret your decision, think about how doing research can end up saving you money. If you consider any of these points below, you may have a better chance of buying hangers to suit your needs.

Clothing Type
Before you go and add any hangers to your shopping cart, think about the clothing you need to hang. Do you have gowns or suits? What about singlets? Do you have male or female clothing, or both? These points matter.

Thin straps require hangers with notches to stop them slipping off, while male clothing tend to be heavier and requires hangers with a bit more bulk. What’s more, if you buy wooden hangers that are not well-finished, your expensive attire can end up with snags and tears.

Wood Construction
The wood can play a part because you want a beautifully finished hanger. Ensure it’s heavy-duty, solid, and has been sanded so it’s smooth. A lacquer finish is also preferable.

The quantity is one of the most important things to consider, so you don’t overspend. Find out how much you are paying and how many hangers you get for that price. You pay more for quality coat hangers, but you also want to get at least ten for the money you are spending.

The hook is the most integral part of the coat hanger. It’s the part that keeps it hanging up, and without it, your clothing falls to the ground. Therefore, it needs to be strong. The best wooden coat hanger is one with a plated swivel hook. You can then hang your clothing any which way in your wardrobe, with the hook always facing the way you want it.

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