By its very nature, a craft room has to be stocked with supplies—whether stacks of paper, fabric, ribbon, beads, clay, or paint—and it can quickly become a cluttered mess

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It’s hard to feel inspired when your creative space is messy, unorganized, or you can’t find what you need. It’s essential to sort and store all your supplies in a way that’s both functional and attractive.

From DIY organization ideas to tools that will help keep your space in order—like mason jars, pegboards, and everything in-between—read below for 20 of our favorite craft room organization ideas.
1. Craft Caddy

A wooden desk caddy couldn’t be more perfect for keeping your craft station in order! The compartments are just the right size for stashing scissors, pens, markers, pencils, Post-it® Notes, and decorative paper. What’s more, you can customize it with a photo that inspires your creativity.
2. Color Coordinate
A bunch of art and craft supplies together in a bin or on a shelf can be overwhelming, but if they’re separated by color, there’s suddenly a method to the madness. Organize rolls of ribbon, skeins of yarn, spools of thread, buttons, fabric, paints, and more by their color. That makes them more visually appealing at first glance and much easier to find what you need when you need it.
3. Got You Pegged
Pegboards have been used in garages and workshops for ages—and that’s because they’re perfect for organizing tools and small items in plain sight. That’s why they’re also perfect for organizing all your craft supplies. Cover a wall with pegboard or go smaller and frame a piece of pegboard. Then, hang everything from spools of thread to scissors and rolls of tape or baskets full of buttons, baubles, and bits. A pegboard will keep everything off your workspace and right at your fingertips.
4. Glass Jars
When it comes to getting your craft supplies organized, large glass jars should be a staple. Not only are they beautiful, but the clear glass also makes it easy to see exactly what you have and pick out just what you need. They can hold anything from paint brushes, markers, pencils, and crayons to rolls of tape or ribbon, scissors, straws, and more.
5. It’s Clear

Before you get started, organize all of your small craft supplies, like ribbon, buttons, beads, decorative tape, or paints. Then, sort everything into clear plastic containers. Since they’re see-through, you’ll be able to tell what’s inside and grab what you need quickly. Use larger bins for storing bolts of fabric, decorative papers, blank t-shirts, or whatever larger items you need to tuck away.
6. Think Outside The Box
Get creative when it comes to organizing and storing your small craft supplies. Buttons, bands, bobbins, pins, pom poms, and pipe cleaners can be stored in a variety of small containers, from mason jars and small buckets to food storage bins or candy jars. Hang them from your pegboard or stack them on a shelf. Use chalkboard labels so you can easily erase and change the contents if you need to.
7. Everything In Its Place
One of the fundamental rules of room organization: keep your crafting space clutter-free by giving everything its designated place. It’s much easier to stay organized and find your supplies if you know exactly where everything belongs. Invest in more shelving, storage containers, and drawer organizers to make the most of all your available space.
8. Kitchen Island
A dresser isn’t the only piece of furniture that can keep your craft supplies corralled. A rolling kitchen island makes a perfect craft caddy—complete with a convenient, counter-height table on which to work. Store baskets and bins full of supplies under it and keep your scissors, pens, and other tools you need within reach inside the drawers. You can even hang hooks and pegboard from it.
9. Ribbon Storage

Spools of ribbon can quickly take over your craft space if you don’t have a system for keeping them in order. There are a few creative ways to keep fabric, embroidery floss, and trim organized. Wrap them around wooden clothespins then store them in a glass jar or canister for safekeeping. Or, wrap them around small squares of cardboard and file them into a plastic storage container.
10. Label It
The level of clutter that can accumulate in a craft room can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to look when you need something, or where to put something away when you’re done with it. That’s why labels are vitally essential to keeping a lot of items in order. Whether you’re storing your supplies in bins, baskets, buckets, or boxes, labels will communicate what goes where.
11. Upcycling Bin
Here’s an excellent idea for all the random scraps, bits, and pieces you have no place for but can’t throw away. Create an upcycling bin—a catch-all for those items that you can reuse for future projects. To keep this bin from overflowing, write a monthly reminder in your calendar to go through it and purge what you won’t use.
12. Magnetic Storage
Magnets are incredibly useful when it comes to keeping things organized, and that goes for keeping your craft supplies neat and tidy, too. Use a magnetic knife strip to keep your scissors, pliers, and other hand tools within reach and easily accessible. Attach a sheet of metal to a wall and then use magnetic tape on anything that you want to stick to it, like small jars full of buttons and embellishments, for example.
13. Spice Jars

They aren’t limited to just the kitchen anymore! Spice jars are perfect for storing your glitter, tiny notions, small buttons, and beads. What’s more, you can even display them on a spice rack. Remember to label what’s inside, and you’ll always have your small craft supplies organized and close at hand.
14. Paper Towel Holder
Upcycle a standing paper towel holder into a handy way to organize your unruly ribbons. The rolls will spin around so you can easily unroll as much as you want without the need to remove it from the stand. Then affix the end of the ribbon with a tiny piece of tape to keep it in place.
15. Magazine Racks
Whether they hang from the wall, sit on a shelf, or stand on the floor, magazine racks are incredibly versatile when it comes to keeping your craft room organized. Use a magazine rack on the wall or bookshelf to store and organize paper, how-to books, scrapbooking supplies, sheets of stickers, mailing labels, sewing patterns, and more.
16. Over-The-Door
Here’s a great home organization hack! If your craft room is short on space, take a cue from your closet and use an over-the-door hanging organizer to keep your supplies up and out of the way. Hooks are great for hanging anything from your apron, smock, or bags. Or, find one with pockets perfect for storing your stockpile of ribbon, scissors, art supplies, rolls of washi tape, bottles of paint, and much more.
17. Rolling Around

Portable storage is always useful when it comes to your creative space. Use a bar cart or one of those trendy three-tiered metal utility carts. They’re perfect for keeping the items you need close by and convenient. When you’re done using it, roll the cart into a closet or against a wall to keep it out of the way.
18. File Your Fabric
Anyone with a large stockpile of different papers for crafting or scrapbooking knows it can quickly pile up and become overwhelming. If you’re looking for an easy way to store your paper so you don’t have to dig through a stack, file it. Separate the pages by color, pattern, or subject, then put them in file folders and store them in a filing cabinet. This method will keep your stash wrinkle-free and protect it from dust and fading. What’s more, you can see your whole collection at a glance.
19. Hang It Up
Hangers can be useful for keeping your space organized—and not just for hanging clothes! A trouser hanger with removable bars is a great storage solution for rolls and reels of ribbon, rolls of vinyl, or decorative tape. Drape pieces of fabric over a hanger and neatly store them out of the way in your craft room’s closet.
20. Dressed For Success

Many of us aren’t fortunate enough to have an entire dedicated craft room, but fortunately, there are many creative ways to keep craft supplies organized and out of sight until they’re needed. Who says they’re just for clothes? A dresser is a beautiful piece of furniture that can pull double-duty as a craft organization station. Use drawer organizers to keep everything inside neat and tidy.
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Using the craft room ideas above, you will transform a cluttered craft room into an inspirational art space that’s functional, organized, and stylish. Now you can spend less time digging through a mess of supplies and more time creating. And, since every well-organized space still needs occasional cleaning, check out these spring cleaning tips to keep your craft room neat and tidy.

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