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Don't give up on your style, do you can to lift your spirits and contact your cabi stylist to help.

What a weird time it is to be someone who cares about style and clothes. It feels like a lifetime ago that I took these photos to show off the pieces I'd carefully selected from cabi to freshen up my spring wardrobe. What we need is fashion for RIGHT NOW, that means the spring trends need to be things that look good on zoom calls, make us feel happier and are easy to wear. Cabi checks all those boxes for me.

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How I approach Getting Dressed During COVID 
Each spring for the past six years, I've relied on cabi to breathe life into my closet and freshen up things I already own. This spring is no different. But unlike other springs, I feel like I need LESS and that I need to be able to shop online with ease. 

Few brands can make the transition to this new normal work like cabi can. With 3,500 Consultants in all 50 states, the cabi community presents a unique environment where women can not only build a career, but a substantial business. All the cabi stylists are home-based, so they are in this with us. They all have virtual closets ready for us to check out. Working with them is a connection to our old lives -- remember when we could get together with girlfriends and have a glass of wine and a laugh? 

Cabi is set up to do that with one-on-one calls and virtual events. So while you might not buy a ton right now, one or two special pieces might be just the thing to lift your spirits and ramp up your zoom game.

Shop the cabi Spring 2020 Collection online here 
What I Picked from the cabi Spring Collection
We love how their fashions make it easy to layer as you can mix and match. The Uptown Jumpsuit ($134) is a great pop of color, and almost feels like pajamas. It's the softest cotton and the easiest thing to wear. Slip it on in the morning and you've got an instant outfit. Remember ladies, fashion is as much for YOU as it is for everyone else. 

This gem is machine washable on cold and comes in sizes XXS-XL.

Get the Uptown Jumpsuit here 

I wear the Dylan Jacket ($159) as if it's a cardigan or sweatshirt. It's my go-to layering piece with everything I wear. Since it's a distressed denim, it's not stiff at all, the relaxed fabric is perfect on top of the jumpsuit, but also works with sweatpants and leggings. 

Get the Dylan Jacket Here 

Shop the cabi Spring 2020 Collection online here
What else you can do Right Now to Ramp up Your Style
If you have the time (and I know homeschooling can take the bulk of the day, not to mention feeding and cleaning), here are some ideas on how to makeover your closet this spring. I suggest dumping EVERYTHING out of your closet and getting a rolling rack and one by one checking your closet and paring it down.
Check the sizing. Anything too small or way too big gets put in the donation pile or given to a friend. Make Repairs. Create a pile that needs buttons sewn on, hems repaired or stains deep cleaned, Cull. Get those donation bags ready to go. If you haven't worn it in years let it go to someone else. If you need help here, check out this book by Marie Kondo. Create. While you are sorting, create some new outfits. Shoot some images and send them to your cabi stylist for approval. Read this feature about shopping your closet to get ideas. Identify needs. Was the stain in that perfect white blouse impossible to remove? Let it go and add a white blouse to your wish list. Your cabi stylist can make some recommendations.
Use this time we've all been given at home to create a wardrobe that serves you well.
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