FINAL REVEAL: Overhauling A Professional Puppeteers’ Room, Part 3

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John and I are officially done with the big Puppet Room Makeover! Wahoo!   To celebrate we made a quick video tour for you, look how fancy:

OooooOOooh. This makes me so happy. Just look at all that room for activities!

If you missed my earlier posts be sure to check out Part 1 to see how we built the puppet wall rack:

...and part 2 for our build of the double-sided work desk:

Our final phase was installing a ceiling fan with a better light kit (found on Marketplace for $20, SCORE), re-arranging the bookcases on the right hand wall to hide another window, and finishing off the closet to make it a bit more tidy.

As you can see we have FULLY MAXIMIZED the closet space.

Can't forget the hanging organizers on either side:

To hide the clutter we hung this pretty curtain from Amazon on a tension-mount shower curtain rod.

Ahhh. Much better. (And renter friendly!)

If you're wondering why we removed the closet doors only to replace them with a curtain, it's because this takes up less space, and can be pushed completely out of the way to access either side.

Remember before, when there were three inconveniently placed windows?

Because one of the goals was to block natural light (to prevent sun damage to the puppets) we hid the center window behind the puppet rack itself, then switched the bookcases around to also cover the window on the right.

From this angle you can just see where that second window is hiding:

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