Home decoration tips for a small home can be a challenging task initially as you have to adjust most of your favourite things in that cluttered space. But this challenging task can be successfully achieved by involving some adoptable easy tips and tricks.

Finding a bungalow in a metro city is a challenging task, and most of us end up buying small apartments that too at an excessive rate. But a tiny house must not pull yourself away from decorating your home the way you always wanted to be. These easy-breezy tips and tricks will encourage you to experiment in beautifying your small house.

Let’s begin with some decoration tips for your small home:
Opt for light colours
While deciding on the colour palette of your small house, go for light colours. Li9ghter shades make the house look more bright and airy. Light tints are trending these days, and you will find the walls of most of the bloggers and celebrity houses painted white. 

The lighter shade allows more light to penetrate in and makes the room look bigger and broader in size. You can also be more creative with these shades in comparison to the darker ones. 
Multipurpose furniture
When it comes to decorating a small house, then you can plan to invest in things that can used for more than one purpose. It will not only save a lot of space but also prevent spending extra fortune. There can be an end number of furniture designs that can used for different purposes.
Settee for sofa
You can use a settee instead of a sofa which can used as a useful storage compartment. The best part is that settee can customised in any shape, design or colour you want.
Folding study table
A classy way to use your study table is buying a foldable study table. When not in use, the tabletop can be folded and save space. Similar can be done with a laptop table. 
Sofa cum bed
Sofa cum bed are quite much popular these days. They save space and money both. Sofa cum bed are also lighter to shift, and they can also be use as a storage space. They are thus solving a significant storage problem which is common in small houses. 

Mount everything to the wall
Small space requires a lot of thinking about storing things. There are many items in your house that you do not want to keep aside in storage boxes and instead let them be visible to everyone. To display such beautiful things, go for vertical storage instead of keeping everything on the floor. 

Vertical storage shelves save a lot of space and look great once all your favourite showpieces are displayed. Extend the narrow storage system from ceiling to the bottom as this will make your room look more significant, and you can store many items such as crockery, showpieces or your favourite books. 
Utilise the staircase area
You must have never thought how the area below the staircase which is otherwise left un-entertained can be use in many ways. That can become your closet area or shoe rack. If the space is large, then keep a laptop table and make it your own personal set up.
Chose beautiful curtains
You can try your hands in choosing some beautiful curtains for decorating your small house. Chose light colours pf the draperies so that they make the rooms look bigger and brighter. Hang the curtains from a high altitude that is 2 inches from the roof. More the height of the curtains, larger your space will look.
Door handles 
A cluttered small space can be transformed and beautified with simple add on such as door handles. Door handles come in beautiful shapes and sizes. Door handles are the most frequently used items in the house and can make a dramatic difference in the entire look. You can use decorative fic handles at the entrance of the door, and the first impression will make itself the long-lasting one. Fixing the beautiful knobs at each of the entries will make a significant transformation to your small house. 
Mirrors can make a big difference.
The small house often does not come with too much natural light. Mostly the size of the window and the balcony area is small. Here come our favourite mirrors which can never go out of trend. Fix a few mirrors on any one side of the wall and look how more massive illusion effect they create. Mirrors reflect the natural light and make you feel having a bigger space. 

Go for one bold colour wall.
Lighter shades of ivory white are anyways better for a small house, but you can go for one side of the wall in a bold colour such as dark blue, violet, red or shades of green and yellow. A darker shade will embrace the look of your house and will make it look like an extra beautiful element of the entire house.
Wall hooks
Wall hooks are a versatile space saver in homes. They can be used for a lot of many purposes and still look great when hanged. Wall hooks are best for small families not only for their useful purpose, but when they are not in use, and they can be left unnoticed. 
Use lights as much as you can
Lights serve a lot of purposes when used effectively. You can use multiple decorative LED lights to add warmth and beautiful ambience to your house. Sunshine will help generate a feeling of space and create a beautiful glow in the home.

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