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I am not traditionally a risk-taker. Same hairstyle for 10 years, same eyeshadow for three (I should probably throw that out) and my closet is progressively becoming a sea of white blouses and slightly ripped jeans. So when it came time for choosing a sofa for my living room, I decided on a simple cream, single cushion beauty. Yes, I toyed with the idea of getting a dark mustard velvet sofa instead but the practical side of my brain kept saying, “Jess, what if your style changes and that mustard sofa doesn’t work in the future? That is a big investment for something so bold.” But wait. Let me back up for a moment. I just painted myself as really boring. I mean I’ve made cross-country moves (and cross-ocean moves), I’ve skydived and one time I wore red lipstick on my top lip and orange on the bottom lip TO WORK. I can be crazy guys…but in moderation. Anyone else feel me?

So despite my drooling over Arlyn’s post about “non basic sofas,” I thought that we needed a post for those readers like myself that are slightly less risk-averse but not boring (I mean, the girl has a bright cobalt blue velvet sofa, so we know she’s not riddled with fear like so many of us might be). Or maybe even those that aren’t ready or able to drop money on a sofa but could get a new side table. You are my people and this post is for you. But also if you have a bold sofa and want to keep the bold times rollin’, you are also welcome to this post and we are happy to have you.

photo by erin francois | from: tour a stylist’s mid-century-meets-traditional “farmhouse” full of thrifted treasures
I feel as though the power of the accent table is underrated. The sofa may be the Beyoncé of the living room but would her concerts be as show-stopping if she didn’t have her fierce backup dancers?? Sorry for comparing Queen B and her dancers to living room furniture but that is how strongly I feel about the issue.

We thought it would be helpful to show you what I mean rather than just talking about it. I pulled four average-looking sofas and paired them with visually interesting coffee and side tables (and walk you through why we think they work because pairing apples with oranges isn’t always intuitive). But before we get into the combos, let’s go over the six rules you should think of when buying your next piece and then check out this post for all your other burning coffee table questions.

1. Vary shapes: Mix it up with round, oval, square, rectangle, triangle or live edge shapes. It is the quickest and probably easiest way to instantly create visual interest and breakthrough “samesies” syndrome.

2. Mix up materials: Stay away from using the same material for all your accent tables. When you vary, for example combining a metal coffee table and a fabric side table, it gives your room texture. Texture is GOOD. But if you are dying to use, say, all wood, then vary the stains and yes, also shapes.

3. Look for interesting details: I think the key to having your coffee and side table as the “unique” furniture in your living room is interesting details. It could be a pattern, color, material or fun accent. Anything really that makes it extra special to you.

4. Visual weight is important: I know we have said it before but balancing the visual weight of your pieces is crucial to make your room look put together and interesting. So for example, if you have a bulkier coffee table then consider a more delicate side. Or if one piece has legs, making it look more “airy,” then the other piece could be “legless” and look more rooted.

5. Make sure they speak to each other: Okay, so I’ve spent four other points talking about all the ways these tables should be different, but this is where I talk about where they still need to relate somehow. Something about the pieces should talk to each other. This could be the shape if the materials are different, the era they are from, a common detail, or color palette. Think cousins, not siblings.

6. Consider your sofa: While your sofa may be on the more neutral or basic side, you still want everything to look cohesive. Look at the style, shape and color of your sofa. You don’t want to go so far off the style rails that the pieces don’t make any sense together. Have at least one thing about at least one of the pieces speak to the sofa’s style.

Okay, now I will show you what I mean…

Round One: Four Basic Sofas, Four Interesting Combos

combo 1: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 2: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 3: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 4: sofa + coffee table + side table

1. Here, we have a modern traditional boxy sofa. It’s visually heavy so it needs a coffee table that can stand up to it but also “lighten the mood.” Enter in that very cool vintage coffee table that is also boxy but footed so it gives the visual illusion that it’s airy. Then the side table has a contrasting shape, color and material but the style era and drawer accent of the two speak to each other.

2. This dark sofa needed a lighter, fun friend. Both the sofa and table have a MCM feel but the table’s wood tone and circle cut out detail relaxes the mood. Funks it up if you will. Then the side table’s circular shape talks to the circles of the coffee table but nicely contrasts it in terms of material and visual heft.

3. The gray sofa is just asking for some color to liven it up. Here, both of these work because they gel with the more contemporary vibe of the sofa. And while they themselves are pretty visually different in terms of material, they are both tonally rich and the wood ties it all together.

4. This sofa has a relaxed feel which is a great pairing for a more natural style of tables. The coffee table is both modern in shape with its chunky legs but natural in material. It’s black color contrasts and grounds the colors of the sofa and side table. Then the side table brings in more texture with its ceramic material and line detail. The two tables complement each other in both texture and the varying heights of their three-footed bases.

Round Two: Same Sofas, Different Tables

combo 1: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 2: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 3: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 4: sofa + coffee table + side table

1. A modern sofa doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with more natural pieces. But like I said before, make sure something about one of the pieces talks to the sofa. In this case, it’s the coffee table. The black marble and modern base (open and airy for varied visual weight) plays off the sofa’s traditional style. BUT the live edge shape of the marble talks to the natural style of the wood stump side table. There is also of course color and material contrast to keep the combo interesting.

2. All three of these pieces are a bit modern but cool. The color palette is varied but tonal, bringing in some much-needed warmth. Then the tables have the same round top-shaped but different and unique bases. You may also notice that they have very different visual weights which help make the whole combo balanced.

3. Boy, is that caning PRETTY and is kind of the showstopper of this trio. That being said, there wasn’t a need for a detailed said table, so this brass cutie is simple but interestingly shaped which makes it a perfect pick. Because it’s brass, the material and color really contrast and living up the whole color palette here.

4. Postmodern neutral heaven. While black-and-white, this combo is anything but boring. The bulkiness of the coffee table is toned down by its light color and the opening under the arch (and we love the tonal pairing which is unexpected). Then to make sure it’s not too neutral, the side table’s bold yet small stripes give the illusion that it’s more delicate than it really is (it’s a big block, ha). And while the sofa and tables are slightly different styles, the color palette keeps it all in the family.

Round Three: “One More For the Cheap Seats In The Back”

combo 1: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 2: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 3: sofa + coffee table + side table | combo 4: sofa + coffee table + side table

1. This sofa doesn’t know what hit it. That insanely cool coffee table speaks to the shape of the sofa but its materials and unique legs make it interesting. But to make sure we stay away from “rectangleville,” the side table has a contrasting fun shape and design. Why do they work together? Well, the brass and wood colors are in the same warm tone family and both pieces are very structural. Plus, all three of the pieces have a natural variance to them. The marble has some veining, the brass is aged/has some color variation and the wood has some tonal changes. Cousin best friends!

2. To brighten up this sofa, brass and blue were an easy choice (very EHD). The styles are all contemporary but from slightly different eras so they complement each other well. Then the coffee and side table once again have different visual weights, contrasting shapes and colors BUT both have a lined detail to connect them.

3. This combo is funky but muted, so it’s perfect for us (the risk-averse). The round shape of the coffee table contrasts the shape of the other two pieces. However, the curved rod detail on the side table speaks to the curve of the round coffee table. Then the small scale “pattern” of the side table contrasts nicely with the larger scale stripes of the coffee table. Also, notice that the black on the coffee table is picking up the black from the feet of the sofa. Lastly, adding that seafoam pop makes this combo anything but boring.

4. This combo is pretty darn pretty. The color palette is neutral but the movement in the burlwood and in the base of the coffee table make it anything but boring and keeps that pair cohesive. The contrasting shapes and weight keep the eye very interested.

photo by david tsay | designed by jessica helgerson | styled by emily henderson for STYLED the book
Do you feel confident enough that you could go out on your own? Well, I am confident in you and have provided a mere 66 different accent table options for you to mix and match with. But also, if you are just looking to switch out one of your pieces then that is equally as great and you are sure to find something. Let’s first look at the coffee tables.

1. Inga | 2. Sterling Molecular | 3. Gilbert Marklund Attr Brutalist | 4. Coffee Table with Cane Webbing | 5. Horseshoe White Lacquered Linen | 6. Abel Ash Tree Pouffe | 7. Striped Inlay | 8. Elemental | 9. Darbuka Black | 10. Macbeth Hemlock | 11. Piva | 12. Colorblock | 13. Podia | 14. Vistas | 15. Cast Aluminum Coffee Table Base | 16. Gridiron Stainless Steel | 17. Jelly Belly | 18. Toluca Marble and Brass | 19. Maroc Blue | 20. Teak & Black Painted | 21. Keelin Grey/ Black | 22. Silicus Pink | 23. Seaford | 24. Olsen | 25. Clifton | 26. Andrea | 27. Around | 28. Powell | 29. Feather Collection Drum | 30. Tallen Dark Grey Modern Concrete | 31. Graff | 32. Ruby StRuby Storage | 33. Alcide Black Marble

I really love all of them. I originally had double the amount but realized I had to cut it down and choose the best and most varied. TORTURE. So aside from the ones I used in the examples, I am currently very partial to #8, #13, #14 and #24. #15 obviously needs a top, but you could either get a glass or stone cut to size.

Now that you have coffee tables down, let’s step to the side over to end tables.

1. Taylor Bone Inlay | 2. Round Teak And Rattan Olivia | 3. Shuffle | 4. Lato | 5. Hera | 6. Belsize | 7. Componibili Storage Unit | 8. Cami | 9. Venetian Round Glass | 10. Joyeux | 11. Carved Stool | 12. Female Form | 13. Misewell Sixagon | 14. Nikkeby | 15. Iconic | 16. Black Round With Gold Finish | 17. Josef | 18. Essence | 19. Curve Gold | 20. Keaton Black/White | 21. Everly Ceramic | 22. Cliff | 23. Petit Palais | 24. Darien | 25. Sebastian | 26. Maggie Rattan-Wrapped | 27. Otto | 28. Wood Anton | 29. Pavo | 30. Sculptural #3 | 31. Floating Disks | 32. Capri 2 Piece | 33. Cosmo

Again with the Sophie’s Choice but I really love #3 (very expensive but a piece of art), #11, #13, #27 and #30.

That’s all she (me) wrote on this topic. I hope you learned something and/or found a piece you love. Don’t forget that there are always interesting and affordable finds on sites like Etsy, Chairish and Craigslist. You just have to spend the time searching (and maybe refinishing). Plus for in-person shopping, remember to hit up thrift stores and garage sales. Wherever you get them, I just hope you all find the backup dancers of your dreams. You and your living room deserve it.

Love you, meant it.

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There are days when we all wake up feeling, well, gross. Maybe you have an emotional hangover—you had a fight with a friend, you’re stressed about work, or you can’t shake a case of the Mondays even though it’s now Thursday. Or maybe you have an actual hangover.

Whatever’s up, sometimes you’ve just got to fake it—and that’s where clothes and accessories come in. To help, we’ve rounded up pieces that will mask your “mehs,” using minimal effort to maximum effect when you need it most.

The magic blazer.

The Ross blazer.

Don’t ask us how the wizardry works. Somehow, slipping into a blazer on a blah day pulls together whatever else you’re wearing. A fitted option like the Ross makes your choice of jeans and a tee look like a highly considered fashion statement. A longer-line look, like the tuxedo-inspired Dietrich jacket, elevates anything you’re wearing underneath. Presto, chango: Pulled together. 

The earrings-as-distraction trick.

The Lyndhurst earrings.

Jewelry might be the last thing on your mind when you feel like a slug. It’s also a simple way to shine up an outfit. Reach for an elegant white top like the bib-style Nichols and add glam earrings (we’re in love with the Lyndhurst style, but anything that makes a statement works for this wardrobe hack). One swipe of red lipstick later and you’ll be doing a great impersonation of someone greeting the day with a winning attitude. 

The oh-so-comfortable pants.

The Foster pant.

The jury is in—leggings are not pants, so even on your roughest mornings, they can’t be your go-to bottoms. The good news is the Foster pant feel a lot like leggings, but they transcend the category: They hug your body like your favorite yoga pants and make you feel sleek and secure. But, thanks to the structured fabric, they’re office-appropriate. Add a pair of low heels and no one will suspect that you feel like you’re wearing athleisure. 

The one-and-done dress.

The Gigi dress.

Every woman should have at least one comfortable dress in her closet that she can grab when she needs to be chic. If your daily vibe is more casual, that dress might be cotton shirt-inspired, like the Gigi. If you fall on the suit side of the spectrum, a pop of color can do wonders for an icky mood—and the Hitchcock heroine-esque Candice dress might help turn your spirits around. If not, you’ll at least look sunnier. Sometimes that’s all we can ask for, right? 

The all-one-color ensemble.

The Allie top and the Chester pant.

Jumpsuits may be trending right now, but let’s be real: No one likes to strip down when they hit the bathroom. Monochrome dressing solves that problem and makes pulling together a polished outfit a cinch. The Allie top in stretch linen is one step beyond your most comfortable robe. Pair it with the matching Chester pant, both in blueberry, and you’ll look like a million bucks, even if you feel like pennies in a coin purse. 

The summery skirt.

The Willoughby skirt.

Sometimes we can shift our mood with a simple style trick: Dress for the day you wish you were going to have. One way to do that, especially on a gorgeous sunny day, is to slip on a flowy skirt, like the lovely Willoughby in pale blue chambray. Pair it with a simple tank or a matching top and take your lunch break outside for a dose of Vitamin D.

The culottes that work wonders.

The Zhou culotte.

In summer, the combination of swampy temperatures and intermittent air conditioning makes it hard to plan your outfits. That’s where culottes come in. Wide leg means proper ventilation and modern silhouette. Slightly cropped length means seasonally appropriate but still office ready. Pair them with a boatneck tank in the same palette to double down on the faux-jumpsuit fashion, or with a casual lightweight tee. And you never know: Maybe some of these tricks will transform your day for real. 

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