The term foyer describes a space that usually connects the entrance to various other room


s. However, in time it has become synonymous with the terms entrance hall, hallway, entryway, and even vestibule. In other words, a foyer is where you welcome your guests when they enter your home, whether it’s a house or an apartment. So check out these ideas on how to decorate your foyer and make a great first impression on your guests.
Top Tips for Decorating Your Foyer

Foyers are usually spacious so there’s plenty of room here for furniture and accessories. This means you’ll have to make some tough choices when decorating this space. Decide what the main function of the space will be, consider your lifestyle, and figure out what the style should be.

If you are wondering what is a foyer, it’s a term that’s usually used to describe the entryway to a home, hotel, or theater. The foyer definition can be applied to the entryway of any space and should be a welcoming area that anyone who enters a building passes through.

Regardless of the shape and size of your foyer, there are plenty of ways to transform this space and create a welcoming first impression for your home. Even if you live in a small apartment, you can still transform a foyer to make it feel more light and airy. We always recommend adding a few statement items to your foyer, which will personalize the space and create a great first impression when someone enters your home.

As well as the larger components of decorating a foyer that we’ll discover below, you also want to think about the mood and color of the area. Most foyer spaces look better with light and bright colors, which will make the area feel more spacious even if it’s a small foyer.

We always recommend adding a good amount of storage in your foyer. There’s nothing worse than stepping into a space to find shoes, coats, and bags all over the floor. Some simple pegs will do the trick, and a bench or small cabinet can be added to store shoes.

An entryway table is the perfect storage solution for smaller items, such as keys. It can also be a space for decoration, where you can add family photos, flowers, or ornaments to welcome guests to your home. Finally, a seat or two is always handy in your entryway, whether that’s to put your shoes on or to give a visitor somewhere to rest. While some homes do have massive foyer areas, by following some of the style ideas below, you’ll be able to maximize the space available to you and wow any guest that enters your home.
30 Design Ideas for Your Home’s Foyer 1. Storage in Your Foyer

So now what you know what a foyer is or what it refers to, let’s see how you can decorate this space. First of all, a foyer needs storage. Take into consideration everything that needs to be stored there such as coats, hats, bags, shoes, accessories, etc., and find ways to accommodate all those things without wasting floor space.
2. Add a Rug or Carpet

Other things you can use to decorate a foyer include a rug or carpet, a table, wall art, and decorative accessories such as vases for example. When choosing a rug or carpet, consider something with a pattern. Stripes are a nice option. They’re simple and they’ll draw guests into the house.
3. Place a Table in Your Foyer

You can also add a console table or even a round table. It can be placed in a corner or against a wall. Decorate the table with a vase or with candles and other accent pieces you find attractive and suitable for this space.
4. Don’t Overlook The Walls

Don’t overlook the walls. A framed mirror could be perfect for the foyer but you can also decorate this space with artwork or with some DIY pieces you can craft yourself.
5. Choose Your Lighting

And don’t forget the lighting. If the foyer has high ceilings you can hang a chandelier or a pendant light. Sconces can also be mounted on the walls in key areas such as next to the mirror.
6. Opt for Tiling in Your Foyer

While you may think you have to stick with traditional flooring options in your foyer, you can get creative with floor tile designs. We love this black and white tiling from Elle Décor. It creates a sophisticated yet modern foyer, which can then be decorated in any style thanks to the monochromatic color scheme. We love the drama and impact the large chandelier and artwork add to this foyer.
7. Bright and Bold Walls

Murphy Deesign shows us how to create this small foyer area which makes a huge impact. You can take this bold wallpaper idea and apply it to a foyer of any size. As well as this unique blue and white wallpaper, we love the addition of the geometric table, which offers both a funky statement piece and a storage unit in one.
8. A Farmhouse Style Foyer

Not all foyers have the same grand and sophisticated style, especially if you live in a rustic farmhouse-style home. Chango & Co. shares this stunning home makeover which offers a warm and rustic wooden foyer. The long and narrow foyer features dark wooden flooring, which gives warmth to the entryway and provides a contrast to the bright white walls.
9. A Table Centerpiece

So Much Better With Age completely transformed their large foyer into an area that anyone would be proud to welcome guests into. As the foyer has a large open space, the addition of the circular table in the middle of the room fills the space and offers somewhere to place decorations or flowers. When you have a huge empty foyer, it can sometimes feel a little intimidating for visitors, so this is the perfect way to make the area feel a little more homely.
10. A Sunny Yellow Foyer

Make your foyer pop with a bright yellow hue. Yellow is certainly a bold color to use in a foyer, but it looks fantastic in this Houston home showcase in Architectural Digest. The large entryway lends itself to a bright color, and with the sun shining in, this is a great spot to enjoy sitting in during the summer months. Yellow goes well with a more neutral floor color, and these simple tiles finish off the foyer perfectly.
11. A Glass Foyer with a View

Amity Kett offers us this beautiful home, which offers views straight from the foyer to the water behind the home. If you are lucky enough to live near the water or the beach, take advantage of this and offer visitors a glimpse of your view from the moment they enter your home. Opt for an open-plan arrangement or glass windows and doors to offer a clear view of the water ahead of you.
12. A Refreshing Green Foyer

We showcased a yellow foyer above, but how about adding a cooling green color to your home? Decoist shows us how to achieve this lovely green foyer, which has one of the most amazing features we’ve ever seen. The glass flooring looks straight down to the wine cellar, so you are bound to impress any guests you have over for dinner in your home.
13. A Statement Rug

While you are probably used to seeing a regular rug in a foyer, consider adding a statement piece, such as the one in this home from Amanda Barnes Interiors. It sticks with the wooden and rustic theming, and the skin is matched by the horns around the home. Of course, you can find faux fur or animal skin today, which is a much better option for most people.
14. A Table For Your Guests

Add a unique touch to your foyer with this small table and chairs, as shown by Jenn Feldman Designs. After a long journey to your home, your guests will feel welcomed into the space straight away. If you are having a dinner party, this would be a fun place to have pre-dinner drinks before continuing to the dining table for the main event.
15. A Large Plant

If you benefit from a large foyer space, consider adding a large plant to your home. Flowers and plants add a welcoming touch to your house and can be any shape or size to fit your space. Cullman & Kravis Associates showcases this chic downtown apartment with a sophisticated foyer that is brightened up with the large plant on the cabinet.
16. A Welcome Sign

We love this simple yet effective corner of the foyer in this home by Simple Cozy Charm. The welcoming sign and artwork could be placed in a foyer of any shape or size and will give your guests something to smile about when they enter your home this year.
17. A Modern Mirror

Many of the homes we’ve featured so far have had quite traditional designs, but this modern mirror will add a fun touch to a more contemporary foyer space. Regardless of the size of your foyer, it can be hung on the wall or placed on a table to add some light and a handy item to your foyer. It’s a Grandville Life shares just one way to present this mirror in your foyer.
18. Hooks for Your Coats

Unless you are lucky enough to have a closet right off your foyer, you’ll need somewhere to store your clothing and accessories. This simple row of hooks from Love Grows Wild blends in well with the foyer yet adds a practical touch to any home. There’s also a great hidden shoe storage rack underneath the bench which will help avoid anyone tripping over shoes when they enter your home.
19. Stunning Painted Walls

Ashley Whittaker Design offers us this beautiful home foyer which has green painted walls with a floral and tree design. The design stretches all the way up the staircase and will impress anyone who enters your foyer. Of course, you don’t need to have such a grand home to recreate this look, and you could achieve this on a smaller scale in any home.
20. A Unique Collection of Pottery

If there’s something you’ve always enjoyed collecting but never knew where to place it in your home, why not add it to your foyer? This home that was decorated by Katie Ridder showcases a huge collection of blue pottery items. Placed high on the wall, it creates a unique pattern and is very welcoming to the home.
21. Foyer Benches and Tables

In many foyers, you’ll find a collection of furniture, whether that’s a single table or a couple of chairs. We love these small benches that Thomas Pheasant has added around the table in this foyer. The pretty plant in the center of the foyer adds an eye-catching centerpiece that will add a splash of color in this foyer.
22. Add a Sculpture to Your Foyer

For a really grand addition to any home, add a sculpture to your foyer decor. This sculpture in this home from Frank Debiasi sets the tone for this Manhattan apartment, which, as you can imagine, is just as grand as the entryway itself. Choose a sculpture or piece of artwork that fits your home decor and personal style.
23. A Simple Yet Stylish Foyer

Regardless of the size of your foyer or home, we always recommend trying to keep things nice and simple. James Michael Howard showcases this Hampton home’s foyer, which has a simple bench and table. At the end of the foyer, you’ll find a unique mirror that doubles up as a piece of artwork for the space.
24. A Modern Penthouse Foyer

S B Long Interiors offers us this modern penthouse which has a foyer that sets the tone for the space. The simple mirror and table against the wall add a touch of decoration without cluttering up the area or ruining the minimalistic look.
25. A Luxury Foyer

If money is no issue when redecorating your foyer, taking inspiration from this luxurious foyer from Boca Do Lobo. There are so many incredible features in this foyer, all of which your guests will love admiring as they enter the space. We particularly love the large mirrors on the wall, which add even more light to the foyer decor.
26. Add a Tiny Bench

If you want to add somewhere to sit in your foyer but are short of space or don’t want to clutter up the area, add a tiny bench. Unoriginal Mom adds this fun tiny bench that slots perfectly into the corner of the foyer. In a large foyer, you would barely notice this addition, yet it will give you somewhere to sit and put on your shoes before heading out for the day.
27. Shelving Instead of a Table

In an apartment or a smaller foyer, adding a small shelf instead of a table is a great way to save space. Jenna Sue Design shows us how to use this small wooden shelf that is perfect for popping your keys or phone on when you enter your home. This could also work in a large foyer where you don’t want to clutter up the central space with a table.
28. An Elegant Foyer

Cabinets are so useful for keeping a foyer clutter-free and tidy, and this sleek and elegant cabinet fits in perfectly in this foyer. You’ll enjoy plenty of storage space and surfaces to place decorations or mail in your entryway. Livspace shares the completed project which would work well in a foyer of any size.
29. A Colorful Chandelier

Tamsin Johnson offers us this wooden foyer which is offset with a colorful chandelier over the table. A chandelier can be used in any type of home and isn’t just reserved for luxury homes. The rustic look in this foyer works really well with the chandelier, which adds a hint of color and style to the space.
30. Fun Patterns and Rugs

Your foyer doesn’t have to be a serious or stuffy room in your home, so why not add a splash of color with patterned rugs. Architectural Digest shares this fun lime green foyer that adds even more color with the rugs. To finish things off, you have the practical addition of the chairs and table.
By now, you know the foyer meaning and that it’s the first place that any visitor to your home sees and should offer them a glimpse into your home and your personal style. Take the time to incorporate a few of these elements into your foyer decor. Regardless of whether you have a tiny apartment foyer or a magnificent entryway in your home, these tips can all be applied to make your foyer somewhere you are proud to show off to your friends and family.

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