Well folks, August is coming to a close soon and I decided that this would be the final day of my outfit series for the month (ending on an odd number just felt wrong!)

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It’s been so much fun sharing these nearly-daily posts with you and really rewarding to take some time to explore my summer wardrobe more.

I hope the series has been a good source for outfit ideas, styling tips, thoughtful brands and just some positive vibes!

Today’s post will include one last look, a roundup of all 16 outfits and 5 key takeaways from the series. This experience has had a deeper impact than I’d expected and I’m ready to loosen my grip on summer and step towards what is sure to be an exciting new season. Now onto the outfit!

For the final instalment of my August Outfits I wanted to put together a look that represented the month and series as a whole and I feel like this one does exactly that. It’s using all my favourite styling tricks like:
Reoccurring shapes – Round earrings and round bag. Textural contrast – These raw silk pants and suede slides are similar hues in unique textures to add depth and interest. Natural materials – No synthetics in this one! I’ve got linen, crepe silk, raw silk and other natural fibres all mixed in. Earthy tones – Lots of rich browns & warm white happening here. Proportion play – I’m countering my high waist pants with a long top layer and mixing lots of loose pieces without letting the garments engulf me entirely by front tucking my top and rolling my sleeves up. Seasonal mixing – I feel like this look is a perfect transitional outfit because it mixes lots of summery elements like statement earrings, a straw bag and sandals with autumnal items like my umber pants and long black shirt dress.
Now, I definitely didn’t plan all these elements intentionally. I think it just goes to show how style tendencies are subliminal and take shape with practice, time and repetition. This look is perfect for casual work days when I’m editing, writing or responding to emails at home or in a local coffee shop. Comfy-chic for the win!

OUTFIT DETAILS: LINEN BUTTON-UP DRESS gifted | EARRINGS* | ELLA SILK TANK (I wear a Small) | WIDE LEG RAW SILK PANTS gifted Save 10% with ‘STYLEBEE10’ until EOD tomorrow. (I’m wearing a Small) | MINIMAL SLIDES* | CIRCULO TOTE* gifted | *Linked to similar option



DON’T SAVE IT, JUST WEAR IT: Thanks to this series, I wore more of my closet this month than I usually do. Instead of saving pieces for the perfect look or a special reason, I just wore them and put them together instinctively without overthinking it. This spilled over from blog life to real life in a major way too. I feel as though I’ve been embracing my personal style more than ever and it’s so liberating!

NO MORE NUMBERS: So many of my previous style series have revolved around numbers, specifically the 10×10 and Wear Count exercises. These tools have been integral to my personal style and closet development and I will always turn to them when I’m feeling lost or need to add some structure to my wardrobe. That said, for quite some time, I’d been feeling stifled by those boundaries and I didn’t know how to break away. I was worried that no one would want to read about my style if it wasn’t associated with a challenge of some sort but I’ve been so relieved to discover that this is not the case!

A NECESSARY REMINDER: It’s easy to get swept up in a routine and stick to what you know is safe, especially when running a small business. Breaking out of what you and your community expects can be scary but it can also be a great reminder of why you started doing what you do in the first place. For me, this series was a necessary nudge to remember why I started Style Bee. I started blogging to share my passion for style, my obsession with intentional simplicity and my appreciation for thoughtful detailing and design. Going forward I’m going to hold that a little closer.

STAYING PRESENT: By posting more frequently I found I was able to stay present in the season. I’m a planner by nature so it was a nice change to only look as far as next week instead of always looking weeks and months ahead. Time still flew by but each day felt a little more full than usual.

TRUST YOUR CREATIVE INSTINCTS: By committing to publish more posts I didn’t have time to overanalyze every word, edit out ‘flaws’ or give in to my debilitating perfectionist tendencies. I had to just keep pushing forward, go with what felt right in the moment and move on to the next. It felt uncomfortable and rushed at times but it was a great way to let go of some unproductive habits. Will I make some adjustments going forward, sure, yet, at the same time I’ve learned much more by going with my creative instincts than I would have by playing it safe.
Thank you for tuning into my August Outfit Series everyone! I know the internet is a busy place and everyone’s attention is being pulled in a bunch of directions. I appreciate you sharing of bit of your time with me on Style Bee. I couldn’t do what I love without you! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some thoughts on a few of my favourite fall closet items, so be sure to tune in!
This post is not sponsored but contains affiliate links and some gifted items. If you see something you like and decide to shop through the links above, I may earn commission on a sale at no additional cost to you. All opinions are always my own. Thanks for supporting Style Bee!

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